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The Fast Track To Learning Artificial Intelligence

Four Key Components

Ai Hardware

It’s all about the new computers and the physical components like high-speed processors, robust GPUs, sensors, and cloud infrastructure that provide the foundation for artificial intelligence systems.

  • Microprocessors 
  • Computer Memory 
  • Data Storage
  • Sensing Technology

Ai Software

AI Software refers to all the computer programs, code libraries, and developer tools that make it possible to create intelligent systems and machines. Things like:

  • Code that provides instructions
  • Helper tools 
  • Shared modules of code 
  • Architectures and templates 
  • Complex mathematical formulas called algorithms

Ai Devices

Physical products that allow everyday interaction with artificial intelligence.

  • Smart speakers – Devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home with voice assistants.
  • Autonomous vehicles – Self-driving cars, drones and robots with computer vision.
  • Smartphones – Phones with AI capabilities like Siri or image recognition.
  • Wearables – Devices like smart watches and fitness trackers powered by AI.

Ai People

Individuals exploring artificial intelligence advancements through research, innovation and dedication.

  • Researchers – Scientists exploring new techniques and publishing papers.
  • Engineers – Programmers building practical AI applications and products.
  • Entrepreneurs – Founders of AI startups and companies.
  • Educators – Teachers spreading AI knowledge and training new talent.

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