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Let’s Start with Ai 101

In today’s world, artificial intelligence is transforming every industry. AI is being used for everything from self-driving cars to personalized recommendations and predictive analytics. As AI becomes more visible or existing or being everywhere, having a basic understanding of how it works and its capabilities will be invaluable both personally and professionally.

That’s why I recommend investing in yourself by learning AI 101. At we offer not only courses for AI 101 but the next level of learning AI 201. If you are a beginner to AI, intermediate or advanced at AIS-Bootcamp they offer a variety of courses to encourage your learning. Even just learning the basics of AI concepts, algorithms, and applications will give you a leg up. Understanding terms like machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing will allow you to better grasp how AI is impacting the world.

Learning the fundamentals of AI will not only satisfy intellectual curiosity, but has many practical benefits. You’ll be able to better evaluate AI products and services as a consumer. In business settings, you’ll be able to spot opportunities where AI could provide value. As an informed citizen, you can contribute more meaningfully to policy debates around regulation and ethics of AI. Investing a little time now to learn AI 101 will pay dividends far into the future. So start exploring resources and learning the basics today!

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